Why Kiddwaya might win BBNaija Lockdown 2020 edition?

kiddwaya bbnaija

Kiddwaya is in Big Brother not to stay but to win, yes I said it, so what are you going to do about it?

Terseer Waya alias Kiddwaya is the son of a Benue State billionaire, Terry Waya. That should give you a cue as to why I came up with the assertion that he will win. Well, if you still don’t see it, I’ll open your eyes to it.

There’s a popular saying that money can buy anything except of course, good health. In other words, everything has it’s own price. More predominantly in a 3rd World country such as Nigeria, where corruption is the order of the day, but let’s not go into that.

I know, yes I know it baffles you that a billionaire’s son would actually opt for a reality TV show like BBNaija. When you take a look back at the history of previous participants of this show, we’ve never had someone with such financial background.

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I mean, one could almost assume he could literally buy his way to fame, well, without having to participate in BBNaija. But then, this is Big Brother Naija, one show many consider as the ‘shortcut’ to stardom. A show that keeps millions of viewers glued to their screen for the dramas to unfold.


One week in the house is enough for any participant to be famous, it’s obvious, we’ve seen it, we’re still seeing it. Now imagine the outcome of staying in the house for 3 months, that feat/participant is already blown, it’s safe to call them a celebrity or a reality TV star.

However, Kiddwaya revealed his intentions during one of his diary sessions as to his involvement in this year’s BBNaija show and how he’s not really there for the money.

Kiddwaya bbnaija

I think we all now see it makes sense as to why a billionaire’s son aspiring to be in the showbiz industry would want to be in BBNaija.

Good, now that we have that information, why should Kiddwaya not win this year’s edition?

Need me to plainly put it to you that his Father has every resource to pull that off? BBNaija uses a voting system to keep/evict housemates, thereby making it nearly seamless for Kidd’s Father to buy votes to keep him in the house, and eventually get him to win.

On a side note;

We understand that Big Brother always comes up with different tricks and it’s flawed for anyone to assert that they know what to expect under Biggie’s sleeves, except of course, the organizers.

There has been a slight change in the voting system this year. Despite the organizers have been indulging viewers in the past few weeks to vote to keep their favorite housemates, the viewer’s votes have however not been the only deciding factor. The housemate’s votes have been pivotal in determining who stays or leave.

An abstract perception can actually assume it’s a deliberate and desperate move to remove the billionaire’s son, Kiddwaya. It’s glaring already that his stay poses a threat to the credibility of what the show stands for, reason Biggie has probably been devising several tactics to evict him.

A friend of mine would say and I quote ‘It’s all part of a grand scheme’.

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