What i did to Wizkid after kissing my fiancee ‘Tiwa Savage’ on stage

The story you’re about to read is rated 16, and as such, readers discretion is advised.

How it all started!

You will recall back in the days when Wizkid started claiming bestie and getting intimate with Tiwa Savage all in the name of trying to make a video for his song titled Fever. However, I decided to keep still about the whole issue and let it die down despite having my fiancee on the same bed with him during the shoot.

On this faithful day, i was relaxing back at home in my couch as usual, only for me to find my fiancee (Tiwa Savage) trending on the internet. Though surprised, i decided to check out what could have happened along the line.

As a sharp guy, I quickly followed up with its trend on twitter. While I was scrolling through, what I saw with my eyes was something my mouth wont be able to say as tears from nowhere gushed out of my eyes. But for the sake of the story, I will give you a snippet.

Imagine the so called Wizkid kissing and touching my baby Tiwa live on stage during his Starboy Fest in Paris on the 26th day of October to be precised, I saw that post exactly 8:00am the following day. The most annoying part was that she enjoyed it. Even after the saying that joy comes in the morning, what I saw took my joy away as I became sad on that faithful day. Out of anger and jealousy, the Nigerian blood in me couldn’t hold the feeling any longer, so I decided to pay Starboy a visit with the sole aim of vengeance.


On seeing Wizkid at first, he was alone. So I decided to make good use of the moment, guess what I did? I quickly picked up a wood and started chasing him without him knowing what was wrong.


Unfortunately for me and my household and like Nigerians always will say, “village people at work”.  I chased him to where his fans were. He started screaming and telling them what was happening, already I knew I was doomed because “local man can no longer can”. While I was trying to run back, one of his fans held my shirt and started pulling me back.


My dear, come and see the struggle that day, I tried everything possible to get rid of them but all to no avail as they held me bound.

Before I could try to explain myself and tell them what Wizkid had done to me, I received something that was worth damaging my brain cell.


As a matter of truth, the slap alone was enough to turn my life around as I could no longer think straight or remember anything about me, myself and I. Tears from nowhere started dripping from my eyes because I couldn’t help the pain no longer.

To cut the long story short, me that came to Paris to destroy Wizkid, left Paris unconscious.

A rare picture of me as captured by a stranger.


At that time of my life, I knew it was all over for me and it was about the time I start all over and draw closer to God, the only one who is mighty in battle.

A rare picture of me receiving Jesus into my heart and surrendering all to Him.


To God be the glory, as the rest of the story are now history!