Watch Jay z snatching a man’s phone at Diddy’s party

It was at this point this dude realized he messed up.

One of the perks of being a celebrity is the tons of  Groupies or better still Fans that you find around on a daily basis.  While it is difficult for some to get used to the fame, others enjoy the attention that comes with it.  For Jay Z… it’s clearly futile to want to invade his space, especially when you pick your phone to film without permission.

Apparently, a man on the dance floor stealthily tried to take videos and photos of Beyoncé at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ 50th birthday party. The party which took place at Diddy’s $40 million Beverly Hills mansion on Saturday night was packed with every other celebrity in Los Angeles, including the Kardashians.

In a video from the event, Jay Z can be seen snatching the dude phone while dancing with his phone out in an attempt to film Beyoncé having a great time with  Kelly Rowland and Saweetie. From the look of things, Jay Z was not here for any hanky panky business.

It’s unclear if the man in question was even trying to take photos of Bey, maybe he’s just casually snapping pics of the crowd? but either way, I hope Jay Z gave him that phone back.

In case you’re wondering about the video, see below;

Ladies shall we…


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