Update: Vivian Fowler issues disclaimer against drug addict ‘Lizzy’

Shortly after the story of Lizzy, a 26-year-old girl who was introduced to the hard drugs by her boyfriend lacing her weed with cocaine surfaced online yesterday, the management of Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, in its statement, released a disclaimer disassociating itself from the drug addict.

The video released by the Senior Pastor of The House of Freedom, Tony Rapu, in a bid to get Lizzy to a rehabilitation center and off the street has received a lot of attention across social media.

Speaking on her educational background, Lizzy had said she graduated from Caleb Nursery and Primary School and Vivian Fowler College.

However, the management of Vivan Fowler College issued a disclaimer stating that the school had no record her. According to the statement published, they obtained Lizzy’s full names after an investigation and discovered that her name did not match any in their records from inception till date.
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After the statement was published, social media user aired their opinion about the statement has been unnecessary while others felt the need for the school to clarify the false claim Lizzy made to protect its reputation and by extension not affecting the school’s business.


But according to @fab_chacha, Lizzy statement about her identity is false and here is what she has to say;