Unknown man runs out of bush and jumps on moving plane

A twitter user @rene_noire shares how an unknown man speeds out of the bush and jumps on a moving plane at an airport in Lagos.

The user narrated how the plane was on the runway set for take-off when the unidentified man sped out of the bush. The pilot upon noticing this, immediately stopped the plane. Minutes later after the pilot halted the plane, the man was spotted stepping out the engine, this time around without his bag.

According to reports, the passengers were scared and were stuck on the runway for 30 minutes before security operatives managed to rescue them. The user stated that though FAAN operatives got to the scene 23 minutes into the incidence, they were scared to approach the unknown man. So they had to wait another 7 minutes before security operatives showed up.

However, the unknown man has been apprehended by the airport security operatives and has been taken into custody. Passengers have also disembarked their flight.