Unilag girls engage in a conversation about ASUU and IPPIS

Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) meets with the leader of the National Assembly today,  battling against the controversial Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) to be implemented.

The Conversation

Diana: Babe, what is Asuu about to do again?

Chioma: Lol,  it’s about Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS)

President Buhari during the 2020 budget presentation at the National Assembly said, “all public sector workers must register for the IPPIS in order to save cost and fight corruption by blocking leakages in the Federal Government’s salary payment structure”.

Diana: That’s a good thing right?

Chioma: It is a good thing as it will help curve out corruption in our educational system. The Union also stated that IPPIS will only recognize 60 years of age as the new retirement of academic professor, which was initially 70 years.

Diana: Wow, 70 years!!! No wonder a lot of things go wrong

Bolanle: (cuts in) But ASUU seems to have a problem with this new policy. They feel that the IPPIS negated the law on university autonomy and is an open endorsement of corruption.

The Coordinator of the South-West, Prof. Ade Adejumo said “The IPPIS is too rigid a platform that it discountenances the peculiarities of the university system in the sacred areas of replacement or recruitment of academics, mobility of academic staff for visiting, adjunct, part-time and sabbatical offers.

He also said “academics are chopped off the platform at the age of 60 thereby creating bottlenecks in the collection of salaries and emoluments because once the name of a worker is removed.

He went on to say “the platform also does not capture the earned academic allowances and remunerations due to academics who retire before the age of 65.”

Chioma: That’s the reason why this policy is being implemented. It is to reduce cases of not being paid at the particular time your salary is meant to come.

Do you know that the IPPIS has saved the Federal Government of Nigeria billions of Naira by eliminating thousands of ghost workers? These ghost workers don’t do anything and yet they were paid.

Bolanle: Asuu doesn’t want to hear all that.

“No Pay, No Work” is what the Union is telling Federal Government after the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed, said no government agency must resist the payment system.

Diana: AHHHH!!! Do I smell another strike coming!!!

Bolanle: I guess so, even twitter users are reacting;

Diana: I hope this doesn’t lead to that, I want to graduate. Strikes doesn’t help anybody, even ASUU. They strike without getting paid and come back to where they started but with more work.

Chioma: From my own point of view, I don’t see why ASUU is fighting this. It is all about checks and balances. It might be rough from the start but it will get better.

Bolanle: Let’s see how it goes, the meeting with the National Assembly was scheduled today and is going on as we speak.

The National Legal Adviser of the Union, Ayodeji Ige, said; “A decision will be taken today and we will make it known to the media. The appropriate organs will address the press conference.”

Diana: Alright, let’s Wait and see. I have a class to attend now, see you guys later.

Bolanle & Chioma: Later then.

(Light fades out)

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