Ubi Franklin’s investment plan earned him N10B within 7 years

Ubi Franklin who recently granted an interview on a TV show for BusinessDay gave insight about his business innovation, deals and how he started his record label.

The founder and CEO of Made Men Music Group (Triple MG) spoke at length about how he delved into the business aspect in the music industry and what it entails to become a successful investor. His best investment, business interest, and his biggest money mistake were highlighted in the conversation.

Ubi also revealed making a huge sum of N10bn from 2012 to 2019 making reference to his income but a bulk of the fortune he made was spent on flashy lifestyle which included buying cars and going on trips abroad.

He says he knows better now and is making better financial decisions.

My biggest money mistake is the money I spent on my wedding, I should have gone for something smaller and classy.”- The entrepreneur said as regards his biggest money mistake.

Watch the video below: