Twitter user condemns and accuses BBC of having ulterior motives over SexForGrade uncovering

Numerous opinion has clouded the social media space since the #SexForGrade videos surfaced on the internet.

Quite a number of people have praised the BBC Africa journalists for exposing the rut in Nigerian Universities. However, some have also expressed their displeasure and condemn the BBC crew for ridiculing the Nigerian education system. A number of Twitter users claim the international own broadcasting channel have ulterior motives and were specifically accused for showing the bad side and overlooking the good.

A particular user stated that the intent of BBC was to ridicule the  Nigerian education system with the aim to increase the number of Nigerian applicants into foreign universities.

Some even went as far as calling out their Nigerian staff for collaborating with the news outlet to tarnish the image of, not only Nigeria but Africa as a whole.


Gistcandy reported earlier that wife of the President, Aisha  Buhari has reacted and condemned the attitude portrayed by the exposed. She has however promised to use her influence to fight for the eradication of sexual abuse against women. Read here.