Trending – Access bank receive severe backlash on twitter over poor service

Access bank users took social media today to express their grievances about their bank’s poor operational services.

Earlier today, #AccessBank hashtag was populated with numerous tweets referencing multiple complaints about how their customer services are non-responsive.  Several twitter users could not help but express their sheer displeasure. From the top tweets,  it was observed that most tweets addressed the bank’s inefficiencies to resolve cases of perpetual deductions in recent times.

A particular user’s case that caught our attention addressed how Access bank still deducts N52.50 for every transaction to their mother bank, Diamond bank. Diamond and Access bank merged earlier this year and made us believe both of them are one. It is quite a laughable case, however, needs immediate intervention perhaps it’s true.

A little while later, Access bank released a press statement to contain the issues being experienced by users. As you’d have expected, they tied the setback to the usual ‘cock and bull’ story of engaging in a system upgrade. This brings me to ask why would a bank not pre-inform its users before conducting a system upgrade? Is that even appropriate?