Top five things to do to get the girl at a party

A party is a social gathering  or an assembly of new or existing friends with the sole aim of creating a connection. Parties always trigger a social consciousness to meet, interact and connect with old friends likewise new people.

Unlike old buddies where initiating a conversation is as easy as a pie, apparently the same cannot be said about interacting with new people. A whole lot comes into play why guys do not get to talk the girl or get rejected let alone get the girl.

Taking a cue from past events, we all have had that one friend that fantasizes over a girl among his friends but lacked the courage to approach her. There is also that confident one who has sung his own praises but still got rejected because he most likely did not abide by the basic rules of ‘getting the girl’.

One very crucial thing some guys have failed to realize is that, speaking with or literally getting the girl involves some basic strategies. Being ugly might be a reason for you to get rejected, being ugly might be another reason to getting the girl, that is only if you play by ‘the rules’.

In reality, you really do not need to do so much to win a lady’s heart at a party. As a matter of fact, you do not need so much words to get your message across. Your body language can do it all for if you play your cards well. Or maybe I should just shoot it in your face and say you do not need luxuries like car, money or expensive accessories to do the job for you.

These basic strategies I am about to share with you has been tested and proven to work on almost all ladies. So relax, read, enjoy and most importantly, put to use.

1. Politely ask to speak with her outside her friend group.


One thing you should never do is to be so confident to speak with a lady at a party while she’s with her friend group. Their guards are always up when they are around friends. Most times their friend group influence the way they respond to guys . Take for instance, if their group does not consider you as being attractive enough, the girl might eventually begin to see you from the unattractive view of her friends.

Just to be on a safer side, walk up to her and politely ask if you could have a minute of her time out of her friend group. With that, you have enough room and privacy to confer your intentions.


2. Wear a good perfume or body spray.

This is like the biggest turn on for ladies. Most times, they find it very difficult to reject a guy that smells nice.

A good smell speaks a whole lot about your personality. A huge percentage of lady define you by the type of body spray or perfume you wear. It is a critical factor that ladies put to use in accessing a guy.

Perhaps you also seek quick acceptance from her friend group to speak with her, then wear a nice smell. This also brings you a step closer to getting the girl.

3. Dress smart and simple.

This might sound a bit controversial but trust me when I say girls are more attracted to guys who keep it ‘simple’.

Maybe I should be more explicit, ladies might find a guy rocking Loius Vutton shoes, Gucci trousers, Burberry shades too noisy. Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying you should not dress expensive to any party, however, try to look as simple as possible.

Bottomline is, do not make your outfit so loud because ladies don’t really like so much noise, maybe not all.

4. Compliment her more often than you talk about yourself.

Ladies enjoy when they are being complimented, it is more like an ego booster. It helps them feel more comfortable than they should around someone they are just speaking with particularly for the very first time.

However, it is advisable you don’t over do it. At some point, try to balance the conversation by chipping in relevant things about yourself that complements things you complimented about her.

5. Wear a nice smile at every point in time.

Obviously you do not want to scare the lady away with a strong face. It is important that you wear a smiling face throughout the whole process.