Titans sink as they watch Lamboghini Mercy cruise into winning BBNaija

It was quite an eventful week in the social media space. The Titan ship wreckage all started when Jaruma unfollowed Tacha after promising her 50 million naira following her disqualification from the Big Brother house. The reason for the fallout between the two is yet to be known but Tacha also returned the favour and unfollowed Her Royal Priestess, Jaruma. This development ignited a massive condemnation by social media users. Most of the conversations were centered around Jaruma’s nature of work. The claims from users allegedly suggested that Jaruma was cashing out on the charms she sells to women to trap men i.e she is the god’s sales representative.

As the Jaruma conversation slowly faded into the thin air like a fart, the Titans erupted like an angry volcano and started trending a hashtag #CongratulationsTacha.ย  The trend was prompted by the press release made by Tacha to congratulate the housemates who made it to the top five. She also clarified that she had no hate whatsoever for any housemate despite being disqualified for a fallout between her and Mercy.

The #CongratulationsTacha hashtag thickened more and more as the day progressed. Tacha’s absence at the Big Brother Saturday Night Party triggered more Titan enforcements and literally everywhere, particularly twitter was flooded with conversations about Tacha.


The grand finale day came and you’d have expected the tyranny of the Titans to have ended. Rather than putting a stop, they took another route and came up with another hashtag #TachaOur winner. Team Mercy also came up with a countermeasure to contain the oppression but failed as their hashtag #MercyForTheMoney could not match up with the Titan fleet. The conversation cascaded into the finale and retained the top five trending topics on Twitter.

The discussion transitioned from hyping Tacha to hoping Mercy does not win. The intensity grew, even more, when Tacha uploaded a picture of herself minutes before the winner was announced.

There was a turn of event when Mercy was announced as the winner of BBNaija Pepper Dem. Obviously disappointed by the announcement made by Ebuka (host ofย  BBNaija), the Titans went missing like the 36 million naira snake swallowed and the dialogue sunk deep into the ocean. A state of emergency was declared for the missing Titans and up till now, no discovery has been made so far.