‘The President of a country once asked me out’ – Juliet Ibrahim

Popular Ghanian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, revealed how the President of a country once asked her out.

In an interview with BBC pidgin, Juliet shared some details about her life as an underground actress in the industry. She also made mention of growing up in different countries, her career and love life.

However, she specifically referenced her experience with men involving being harassed on set by her superiors. She revealed that a director had been inappropriate with her on a movie set. The actress also revealed that a president of a country once asked her out. She also talked about the strangest pick-up line she heard from a man, who claims she reminds him of his mother.


During the interview, she also made mention of the strangest rumor she heard about herself being in a relationship with Chris Brown. She also made it known that she would not mind if ‘Mr Right’ comes now, however she is not desperate for a relationship. Juliet also addressed the issue of how Nollywood movies has evolved from witchcraft movies and that alot of things have changed in the acting industry.