The Intern – Part 1

I sat on my desk, the day was going slow and I couldn’t wait for the day to end already, I twirl on my seat, thinking of a way to pass time. I kept twirling on my seat and biting my fingernails. Then I realized I had a novel in my bag. I bent to fish it out of my bag. Then I heard someone clear their throat, I raised up my head and I unsuspectingly banged it on the table.
The splitting pain that went through my head.
“Ouch!” I exclaimed.
“Sorry.” The voice said. I looked up and fucking hell, the guy standing in front of me was fucking hot. I lost my sense of reasoning for few seconds.
“Err… good afternoon, how can I help you?” I stuttered.
He smiled at me. I was such a klutz.
“I’m here to see your boss.” He said.
“Who should I tell him is here to see him?” I asked.
Just then my boss came out of his office.
“Hey Cole, I’ve been expecting you.” He said, coming to hug the Cole.
“Next time, don’t stop him, he isn’t a stranger here, you understand?” my boss said, chiding me. I nodded. I understood perfectly.
“Don’t be offended, she’s new here, she’s doing her internship.” He said, apologizing for my little misconduct.
“It’s alright.” Cole replied. They both walked into my boss’ office and I sat down and kept twirling. Thirty minutes later the land phone on my desk rang. I picked it.
“Come right now.” My boss said and hung up.
“Mighty curt.” I muttered, getting up. I straightened my cloth and I walked into his office.
“Eve, take your seat.” He said. I took my seat beside Cole.
“Cole is my business partner and our organization’s biggest client. There’s a once in six month three-day seminar that all top notch organizations attend, I won’t be able to attend the one holding next week, so you’re representing our organization and you’re going with Cole.” He said.
My jaw dropped. I wasn’t even ready for that, and it’s not like I’m a certified worker, I was just doing my internship. But I dared not argue with his decision.
“Yes sir.” I said.
He nodded and waved me off. As I was walking out of the office, my heel caught the carpet and I fell face flat. I felt a hand on my back, helping me up. It was Cole.
“Thanks.” I muttered, my face red with humiliation. Stupid shoe. I thought.
I went out of the office and back to my seat.
I checked the time and it was 4:55pm, five more minutes to go, sweet sweet freedom. Then my boss came out of his office, laughing and talking to Cole.
“See you next week.” He said, smiling.
Once again my voice failed me, I nodded and smiled back.
“Omg he’s hot.” Rose said as she signed out.
“Sure.” I replied non-chalant
“What are you? High resistance to dicks?” she said, rolling her eyes.
“Keep your voice down.” I said.
“Bye.” She replied. I packed my bag and left as my other colleagues came out of their offices.

* * *
Wednesday came so fast, the time was 6am, I stood, my hands on my waist as I scanned my wardrobe. I was at loss for what to wear. After minutes of deliberating, I settled for a pink shirt and a black leather skirt and black heels to go. I had already packed my suitcase the day before. I dressed up, applying no makeup. My roommates lay on their beds still asleep. At this point I wish I could trade places with them. I picked my bag and suitcase and headed for work.

I sat in my boss’ office awaiting Cole’s arrival.
“I’m sending you to represent our company because I find you competent.” He said.
“Yes sir.” I replied.
“It’s an avenue for you to learn new things.” He continued. I nodded.
Cole walked into the office.
“Cole.” My boss said, standing up to hug Cole. I looked away. The broke their hug and Cole took a seat beside me.
“Hi Eve.” He said.
“Hi.” I replied.
“Are you ready?” he asked. I nodded, he stood up and I followed suit. I carried my bag and suitcase. My boss handed an envelope to me.
“That should sustain you for few days, Cole has booked reservations at the hotel you’ll be staying.” He said.
I took the envelope and thanked him.
Rose mouthed ‘lucky bastard’ as I passed, I shook my head at her.
Cole took my suitcase and carried it to his car boot. He opened his door and I entered, I was nervous as hell. He entered the driver’s seat, started the car and drove off. After forty-five minutes of driving, he stopped at a fast food joint. I ordered for French fries and chicken, and he ordered the same. We sat in his car and ate our food. He started the car and drove, I was beginning to get car sick.
“How much farther?” I asked.
“Not much.” He replied.
He looked at me.
“There’s something on your face.” He said, touching my cheek. He wiped ketchup off my face with his thumb and popped it into his mouth, my insides warmed instantly.
After thirty minutes of driving, we arrived at our destination. Relief flooded through me, at least I could escape the sexual tension. He parked the car and we walked into the hotel. He walked to the counter and started conversing with the lady behind the counter, I could see her jaw drop slightly.
“I made a reservation for a room.” He said.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Cole Adedeji.” He replied.
She looked through her computer and found his name.
“Alright Mr. Cole, room 102 on the 4th floor, please do enjoy your stay here.” She said sweetly, handing him a key.
“Thanks.” He said. He took my hand and led me. I was shocked. He pressed the elevator button and the door opened. We went in. he pressed the 4th floor button.
“A room?” I asked.
“Yes, other rooms are booked.” He said.
I groaned, I was going to share a fucking room with him. The elevator stopped at the 4th floor and we stepped off. We entered the room with number 102 on the door. The room is big and beautiful, a king size bed and two bed lamp at each side, a reading desk and a chair was positioned at the left side of the room, and an armchair on the right side. Behind the arm chair is a sliding glass door which led to the mini-balcony overlooking the hotel, a beautiful sight. The room is painted light brown. A subtle color.
I stood awkwardly, looking around. The door opened as the hotel courier brought in our suitcases.
“Thanks.” Cole said, tipping him.
“So what do you want to do?” Cole asked me. I stared at my feet. He moved towards me, slowly taking off his shirt. Then he stood one feet away from me, completely shirtless. Looking at his body made me warm between my legs. His chest was broad and well-defined. Six abs complete in the right places. His waist slim and trim. He tilted my face upward and ran his thumb on my lips. My breath caught. He smiled at my reaction.
“I’m going to take my bathe.” He said, releasing my face. He took a towel and headed to the bathroom.
My heart banged against my rib cage. God I couldn’t live with this. Three days? Kill me already. I hurriedly took off my clothes and changed into a casual wear. I picked up a book from my bag, sat on the armchair and started reading. Cole came out of the bathroom, towel hanging dangerously low on his hips.
“I’m going to take a walk.” I stuttered, walking out of the room hurriedly. I knew he was smiling.

The time was 10pm. Cole was already on the bed, I sat on the armchair reading in an uncomfortable position. My legs curved underneath me and my body leaned forward. I stretched out and I slipped, my back hitting the floor.
Cole stood up to help me up, then he bursted into laughter.
“You’re accident prone.” He said.
“It’s worse when I’m around you.” I retorted.
“I see.” He said.
I climbed the bed, my back to him, to worsen it all the sheet already had his scent. Ugh! I willed myself to sleep and after minutes of tossing and turning I fell asleep.

* * *
The next two days were pretty eventful. I wasn’t the one for seminars but I had no choice, the seminars held in the hotel conference room for three hours each days. Different entrepreneurs talked and shared their success stories, Cole was one of them. He started his business when he was twenty-five now he’s thirty-one and he already has three different branches across the states. He’s about the same age with my boss, they met in the university and became fast friends and now business partners.
He is ten fucking years older than me.

The third day was a dinner party. I was at loss for what to wear. It was 8pm already, I settled for a red dinner gown that had a slit reaching down my thigh. Cole already left. I did light makeup and headed downstairs.
I entered the hall, and I immediately felt shy, all eyes on me. I saw Cole’s eyes widen and the look of approval on his face. He walked towards me.
“You look good.” He said.
I smiled, my voice failing me.
“Care to introduce?” a friend of his said.
“This is Eve, representative of Metro publishers limited, and Eve this is Mr. Akeem founder of Keem couture, he owns a streamline of companies.” Cole said.
“I’ve heard about you, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” I said pleasantly, stretching out my hand.
“Your boss Richard is a good friend of mine, I never knew his staffs were this beautiful.” He replied, gripping my hands softly and shaking it. I smiled.
Cole introduced me to other entrepreneurs I never dreamt of meeting in my life.

I opened the door, it has been a lovely night but I was dog-tired. I stood, fumbling with the zipper on my dress, then the door opened, Cole walked in. he rested his back to the wall, staring at me.
“I like the dress on you, but I’ll like it better off you.” He said.
I stiffened. I didn’t expect him back early.
“Stop fighting it.” He said.
“Fighting what?” I asked, my voice a little husky.
“You want me, I want you. It’s pretty obvious. The sexual tension between us, don’t deny it.” He said.
My heart raced as he walked towards me. He unzipped my gown and it slid slowly to the floor. I stood naked, I wasn’t wearing anything underneath the gown. He stood looking at me, not touching me.
“You are beautiful.” He said softly. I couldn’t talk, I felt a lump on my throat.
He took off his blazer, and unbuttoned his shirt. He dropped it on the bed, he unzipped his fly and pulled off this trousers and boxers, standing naked. His erection high. I swallowed as I saw the size of it. He took my hand and led me to the bed. I lay waiting and anticipating.
“First time?” he asked. I shook my head.

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