Teni dating Wizkid?

Recently crowned ‘Best New Artiste’ at the Soundcity MVP Awards, Teni Makanaki as she’s popularly regarded made a shocking revelation during a sit-down with rapper Falz on Flytime Promotions’ The Journey. The interview had the two celebrities interviewing each other, asking personal questions and talking about their journey to fame.

When Falz jokingly asked the singer who is her man friend,  a suprisingly shy Teni laughs hard before she finally opens up. The singer revealed to Falz that she is in love with someone he knows. In her words; “Well we’ve been dating for a while, and we haven’t really talked about opening up in public”

She continued:- “Well it’s me and Wiz (Wizkid), but he doesn’t know we’re dating”

Falz, seemingly surprised,  laughed and  then pressed harder “My friend give me something tangible, i need something serious”

Teni continued and said; “Its me and Wizzy, but he just doesn’t know it yet, there’s no other person… It’s Wizkid!

“We’re dating both in real life, in the dream – every aspect possible, it’s Wizkid

Falz also took time to reveal his relationship status and why he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a very long time. He said: “I have not had a girlfriend for a long time. I don’t really think about marriage like that but I have liked girls.”

Falz also explained that he had started making music since 2009, but he never had his big break until 2015. That was around the time he started making comedy skits on social media.