Social media users react to heated argument between Abbo and Remi Tinubu

A video surfaced online in late hours of yesterday showing a heated argument between two Senators, Abbo and Remi Tinubu.

Senator Abbo, who was spotted by a CCTV footage physically assaulting a lady at a sex toy shop in a viral video, faced a disciplinary committee set up by the Senate to investigate his actions despite after openly apologizing and compensating the assaulted lady. Senator Remi Tinubu was part of disciplinary committee that conducted the trial against Senator Abbo.

However, a video showing Senator Abbo and Senator Remi Tinubu engaged in a war of words during the trial has since been the talking point across social media.  Quite a lot of discussions have emerged around Remi Tinubu belittling and threatening Abbo with a suspension for his actions while other discussions, questions the integrity of Remi Tinubu.

Watch the video and see reactions below;