Should Instagram live videos be censored?

Several shows,events, seminars and even individual plans have been suspended as a result of the lockdown. Most brands have had to adopt various alternative method to communicate and connect with their audience.

Rather than journeying to meet the experience – the feels, thrills and excitement of organized social gatherings, the experiences are being brought to you, right in your homes, closer than you can ever imagine.

Concerts and events where you’d have had to pay ludicrous amount to attend or participate in, are being made available at next to nothing.

Live videos generally have this virtual reality uniqueness  – where you’re far away from the craftsman but you feel closer. Celebrities have had to turn to Instagram live as a means of connecting with their followers and audience. These sessions have managed to entertain and likewise encourage people to stay at home.

So far, it has remarkably proven to be of help to craftsmen, who seek to nurse their audience with some form of entertainment during the period of this lockdown.

The most popular of these live video sessions during this lockdown so far has been the viral Tory Lanez Quarantine Radio. Basically, he plays sound mashups, host dance competitions and welcomes famous industry celebrities during these sessions.

Tory’s session has set the record for the most viewed live session on Instagram, with a count of over 300,000 viewers.

Quarantine radio had fast grown into a popular culture, whereby a whole lot of people were always looking forward to, even till he was temporarily shut down.

The temporary restriction was as a result of violating Instagram’s community guideline bordering on sensitive contents. Semi-unclad ladies could be seen twerking vigorously, putting their vicious curves to display and exhibiting erotic gestures.

Despite the restriction, he raked in over a 100,000 viewers and several thousands of followers within minutes of creating a new account.

However, its not only Tory who has been hosting sessions like this. Another very popular anchorman is one of Nigeria’s street hop artist, Slimcase.

Slimcase’s session literally upped the game, private parts and eroticism were the order being served. He also hit a personal record and highest for any African on an IG live video session, with over 120,000 viewers.

In what clearly appears like a gender plot to make a statement, some ladies have been offering cash prizes to men who can put their private parts to work. These practices on Instagram live video sessions are rather promoting nudity as opposed to its purpose of sharing moments through pictures.

As a matter of fact, in no distant time, what might be aired live next is likely to become even worse as it appears there are no ground measures place to curb such scenarios yet.

Instagram might need to consider censoring or creating some sort of restriction on live videos to keep its community safe from nudity and sex-related contents. Censoring the videos will go a long way in providing a sense of safety and restore sanity within the microblogging platform.

Do you think censoring instagram live videos will be appropriate?