Shocking story of a Lagos young girl 7years addiction to hard drugs

Seven years after struggling with drug addiction, Lizzy finally finds rescue from the Senior Pastor of The House of Freedom, Tony Rapu who is willing to take her off the street.

Tony Rapu, whose foundation is working to get people off drug addiction shared the touching story of Lizzy where she reveals how she started drugs and her long battle with hard substance to survive. The 26-year-old  said she attended Vivian Fowler Memorial Secondary School at Oregun, Lagos, and Caleb Nursery and Primary School.

According to the 26-year-old, her boyfriend used to spike her weed with cocaine which triggered her drug addiction.

See video below:


We picked up Lizzy over the weekend. Here, she tells a bit of her story while awaiting our arrival at the joint she frequented in Ikeja. Lizzy tells about her upbringing, her addiction to crack cocaine and the depraved night life she lived to make money to pay the drug dealers.

She is currently undergoing her first stage of detox and rehabilitation in the long journey out of addiction. We hope and pray she returns to a normal and productive life afterwards.

Lizzy also narrated how she had resorted to begging in the day and prostitution at night to sustain her addiction.