#SexForGrade: Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, UNILAG’s Senior Lecturer attempts failed suicide with “Sniper”.

The  SexForGrade video released by BBC has left several social media users devastated and most have had to shared their utmost displeasure.

The first video released uncovered a Unilag lecturer, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu sexually assaulting a journalist Kiki Mordi who posed as an undergraduate seeking for admission. Ever since the surfaced in the social media space,
users have dug up his profile and have flooded his Facebook timeline with all sort of insults to express their grieve.

The associate pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church, after stating that he will not be speaking anytime soon on the video released by BBC on the allegations of sexual harassment levelled against him, attempted to commit suicide

“I work for the University of Lagos; if you want any reaction, talk to the university. Contact the information unit and they will tell you the correct position. If I talk, I will be running foul of the varsity law. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on me to say beyond what I have said,” he said.

He was found unconscious on the floor in the late hours of Monday evening with bubbles coming out of his mouth.

A close family friend confirmed that Dr. Boniface was rushed and admitted immediately to Reddington hospital after attempting to kill himself with sniper, popularly known as “Rat poison”.