Rwanda Police Shoot Two People Dead Defying COVID-19 Lockdown Orders

Rwanda Police
Desperate time they say require desperate measures. The spread of COVID-19 across Africa is seeing the Government take strict precautionary measures to contain it.

Rwanda Police

The Rwanda Police are up for eviction today!

Police in Rwanda reportedly killed two people who defied the lockdown order with regards to the pandemic in the country.

The Rwanda Government began a two-weeks lockdown on March 22, 2020, restricting travel between towns and cities. The authorities also ordered the closure of bars, hardware shops, hair salons, and clothing stores.

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) was mandated to ensure people stay indoors. People who come out to the streets have to demonstrate that they are going to buy food or essential services.

Rwanda Police

The country so far has registered 40 cases of Coronavirus.

The clash of the masses and police

Rwanda Police

Fueling the anger of citizens, hundreds of Rwandans abandoned their homes this week in desperate search of food and water.

This led to clashes with the police during which the two people got shot in the process around the Nyanza district.

The police confirmed the killing saying:

“the deceased attacked and wrestled to the ground a police officer who was on routine patrol. This prompted his colleague to fire at the attackers in self-defense”.

The citizens were desperate to get food because Rwanda for long have been facing a shortage of food. This significantly increased after closing its border with Uganda in February 2019.

Now facing the Coronavirus Pandemic, Government recently issued regulations that will block vendors from hiking food prices.

Was this a smart move to solve their food problem? Would like to know what you think concerning this. Leave your comment in the comment box below and I will gladly respond.

Meanwhile, in the latest update by NCDC, Nigeria now has a total of 51 cases, 48 active, 2 total recoveries and 1 death so far.

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