Pictures and video from the presentation of prizes to winners of MyBackup Cash #21DaysSavingsChallenge

In retrospect, you’d agree that saving and discipline are two undeniable siblings that you do not need a DNA to verify their relationship.

Surely it was 3 weeks of stern and relentless commitment on the path of users that participated at the just concluded MyBackup cash #21DaysSavingsChallenge. The challenge recorded immense participation from far and wide but only three winners emerged. The winners were selected on basis of consistency and commitment to their saving culture.

On Friday, the 26th day of November, MyBackUpCash team hosted the winners at her office to present them with their gifts.

In attendance also was tech influencer and brand influencer to MyBackup cash, Miss Techy. She commemorated the ceremony first off by sharing her sweet experience using MyBackUp cash platform and then proceeded to present the winners with the mouth-watery cash prizes of 250,000, 150,000 and 100,000 naira.

Miss Techy at MyBackup Cash prize presentation

The winners shared excitement on their faces as they were presented with their gifts. The grand prize winner, Oluchi Nwanna, revealed how difficult the process was considering personal factors but managed to pull through through discipline and commitment. The 1st runner up, Abiola Ayeni, shared similar experience with the winner.

Oluchi Nwanna, winner of MyBackupCash #21DaysSavingsChallenge

The 2nd runner up,  Omotola Siyanbola, however, shared a contrasting experience but yet quite an interesting one. He explained how he first thought it was a joke when it was brought before ‘the table of men’ but he followed through. According to him, winning a hundred thousand naira is ‘good for business’.


Abiola Ayeni, 1st runner-up of MyBackupCash #21DaysSavingsChallenge


Omotayo Siyanbola, 2nd runner-up of MyBackupCash #21DaysSavingsChallenge



Watch highlights of the prize presentation: