PayMyBills: Bill payment made easier and nearer via WhatsApp

Relax your nerves and let PayMyBills take care of the stress.

Part of our essential daily activities includes paying bills. This act is an unseasonable reality of so many and definitely a hard pill to swallow. However, it is an essential daily deal for every human out there and as such, ought to be carried out seamlessly and without any hassles.

In a bid to completely eradicate the use of traditional means, several cutting-edge solutions have been deployed to help remove the complexities that accompany utility bill payment; one that could be made right in the comfort of our homes or literally, anywhere using your mobile devices.

It would be fallacious to say most of these solutions have been able to completely make the process simpler, however, solutions varies in their complexities. In some cases, these variations in complexities in these application softwares might require that a user download several applications to get their desired result(s).

It is no brainer that having to hoop around multiple applications to pay for utility bills would not only be time consuming but could turn out frustrating as well .

Putting all these variations in each application into context, PayMyBills saw the need to come up with a much more pragmatic and easier solution; one that adopts an expressive and user-interactive outlook.

What is PayMyBills?

PayMyBills is an innovative digital service aggregation and micro-credit solution that leverages well known and proven instant messaging solutions such as WhatsApp to deliver easy, secure and convenient access to bills payment to its users.

PayMyBills: Bill payment made easier and nearer via WhatsApp

What are some of the bills you can pay using the PayMyBills WhatsApp bot?

  • Electricity
  • Cable TV (DSTV, GOTV & Startimes)
  • Airtime
  • Data
  • Event ticket
  • Easy funds transfer
  • WAEC Result checker PIN
  • Smile
  • Spectranet

How do I get started?

In just a click via this link, the user will be redirected to WhatsApp to initiate a conversation and then the user can start paying all their bills.

How accessible is PayMyBills?

PayMyBills platform is available 24/7 for your usage. You can access the platform to pay bills at any time, any day, and anywhere for as long as you have the WhatsApp application installed on your mobile phone, tab, or personal computers.

However, it’s paramount that you’re connected to the internet whenever you wish to carry out any transaction.

What are some of the benefits of using this platform?

  • It is safe.
  • It is secure.
  • It saves time.
  • It is convenient.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • It is available 24/7.
  • It saves stress.
  • It is not time-consuming.
  • You don’t have to queue up for hours.

What are the available payment method?

  • You can pay using your bank’s ATM card
  • You can pay using your bank’s USSD code
  • You can pay using your uBalance.

Make smarter and precise decisions when you use keywords

PayMyBills encompasses an array of keywords to help users complete transactions more smarter and with precision. Available keywords include:

  • Airtime – To make any kind of airtime purchase.
  • Data – To make any kind of data purchase.
  • Electricity – To make electricity purchase for available Discos.
  • DSTV/GOTV – To make purchase of available bouquet on DSTV or GOTV.
  • WAEC – To make purchase for WAEC Registration and/or result checker.
  • Smile – To make any kind of internet subscription purchase on Smile only.
  • Spectranet – To make any kind of internet subscription purchase on Spectranet only.

Where do I run to when I have a transaction issue?

Don’t panic when you have issues related to bill payment or you need assistance in carrying out any transaction. You can contact our customer care representative at all times on issues related to the services offered by the platform.

Need help on PayMyBills? Speak with our agent.

You can contact us via our various social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Paymybillsng or call us on +234 815 811 6918, +234 816 561 8210.