Oyemykke and Etinosa are fully in an Instagram feud over a remark she made about him

Nigerian actress & comedian Etinosa is currently in an Instagram feud with influencer Oyemykke over the tone of his voice.

Well, it seems the actress has a big problem with the way Oyemykke shouts. Etinosa had dropped a comment in the comment section of an advert Oyemykke was promoting revealing that she “Can’t date a guy that shouts too much”- Oyemykke is that guy.

I can’t imagine dating this guy. He shouts too much. God forbid


Her statement didn’t go down well with Oyemykke who went on to react to the comment, Oyemykke described Etinosa as an ‘apologetic nudist’ and someone so low who seeks for attention. He also warned her against “trying him” as she will “get it hot for 3 days anywhere she goes”.

He wrote:

“So I was going through the comments on an advert I did & as I scrolled through laughing, I found this apologetic Nudist talking ILL about me. i don’t know her, I’ve never met her & would gladly not talk to her talk less of date someone THAT LOW for attention. Why are you imagining dating me in the first place ?? I don like your photo before ? Are we friends ? If I start now , you people will say Oyemykke likes wahala, I never reach my Arsenal in over a year o.
if this babe TRY ME, everywhere go Hot for 3 DAYS”

The comment has caused an unresolve altercation between the two and it doesn’t seem to be ending soon.

In reply to Oyemykke’s comment about her, the actress maintained she’s unapologetic about her comment owing to the fact that she has a free will to express her opinion and other people can attest to the fact that they don’t like him- “Uncle everybody must not like you some people don’t like me too but I’m not killing myself.

Oyemykke obviously wasn’t about to let that slide, he went on to say:

Clearly, war has just begun between these two and we hope they squash it soon cause POSITIVITY LIVES HERE!