Mystery of how a lion was employed as security guard in Lagos

Horrific but yet funny as residents of Lagos state uncover a lion-cub working as a security guard.

So Musa has seen it all to the extent where he has also lost his job. Now Musa is being replaced by a lion, no wonder Musa no dey see anything for gate again.

Pandemonium set at the discovery of a 2-year old lion cub in a resident in Lagos. The two-year-old lion is said to be deployed as security guard in the house where it was discovered.

According to reports from residents who made the discovery, the lion has been championing his Indian boss’s gate for quite a while and the house was more or less a no-go area.

Several petitions were submitted to the Government by distressed residents. They confessed to being threatened by their neighbor’s pet, who on the other hand was innocently going about his daily job.

After a 72-hour watch, the Lagos State Task Force succeeded in moving the lion found at a private home around Victoria Island to a zoo in Omu Resorts, Lekki.

The Head of Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences Unit, Mr. Yinka Egbeyemi, issued out a stern warning to residents to avoid harboring wild animals. He also assured residents that the owner of the lion will face the full wrath of the law.

My question now is, how did the lion cut through all protocols and was not discovered? Isn’t it also sad and funny that a lion was employed but some of us are still unemployed? *sheds tears*