Man who dated a cockroach for a year and had sex dreams about it

Funny but true as japanese man Yute Shinohara mourns the death of his cockroach which he refers to has his  ‘special one’.

When granted an interview by Asian YouTube channel Asian Boss he described how he bought the cockroach  which he named Lisa – from Africa and even had sex dreams about her. So, when the cockroach died a year into their relationship (cockroaches have an average life span of one year), Yuta ate her so she will forever live in him.

Yute is presently caving a nitch for himself as a bug connoisseur in Japan where he’s made a name for himself in insect cuisine. He has organised events serving bug cocktails, insect pastries and ramen with crickets and mealworms.

He adds that no human girl is as attractive as Lisa,Lisa was my first love, I pictured doing it with her many times because I really liked her. ‘I know it’s impossible but I imagined a world where cockroaches become supersized or I become small.