LEAKED: How me and my team defeated coronavirus


The story you’re about to read is highly educative & confidential and as such, should be treated very well.

Corona virus


It happened so fast that I and my squad were really amazed as to the height of knowledge and tactics we could pull to save ourselves.

So, on this faithful day, we were on our way back from work when we decided to use a commercial bus back home just to save cost and also keep an outstanding funds to get one or two things on our way back home.

Eventually, we displayed some Chinese moves so we could secure spaces for ourselves, you know how the struggle is getting a commercial bus now in Lagos. God so kind, we were seated and the journey began.


While all of us were enjoying and catching a good cruise on our way home, one elderly man decided to be unfortunate.


An unidentified old man that was sitting in the midst of everybody started coughing and everybody at first thought it was normal and stayed calm for a while, Even though we were busy staring at each other. The cough became worse and at this point, we knew we have entered one chance and there was no way out as we couldn’t stop in the middle of the road.


We all started covering our noses and trying to activate some local skills to boycott the whole thing. At a time, we could no longer hold our breath and the only option was to give up, breathe and hope we’ve not contacted the deadly coronavirus.

As a matter of fact, we were all just seated and praying in our minds for God to intervene and save his children from dying.


Getting to our bus stop, you need to see the speed we pulled off. Usain Bolt would not have been able to compete with us. We entered the house and started doing various checkups already, held our breath for 10 seconds and more to see if we have contracted the deadly coronavirus.

A few days later, we started noticing changes in our body system as we were now displaying symptoms of the virus. Ah, Mogbe! we screamed all day waiting for the windows of heaven to be opened so our blessings can be poured down but nothing happened.


At this point, it was clear we are not just doomed but also on our own as we could not contact anybody or even NCDC.



We were going through some key steps to get rid of the virus online when we came across a post on twitter stating the coronavirus cases ceased in China.

On seeing this post, the motivation we needed came and it was pretty convincing that there could bee a way out. so we started brainstorming instantly and guess what? Ideas popped up. We experimented and made use of local and natural herbs.

We mixed different plants together and eventually came up with the cure and gave it our own name ‘HYDROCINE’. 


After everything we took the drugs and automatically started getting better over time. We became very strong and healthy.

So we took the rest of the drugs produced and was about to sell the drugs to the outside world before I woke up from sleep and realized it was all just a dream after all.

To be honest, I was pissed as you’re now but what can a man do? I spent the rest of the day celebrating my success in the outside world. You should too!

Like the Portuguese always will say ‘Aluta Continua’. 




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