Khazim Danmola wants to make another statement with his new movie titled ‘PLOY ‘

Khazim Danmola set to once again make a statement in new movie titled 'PLOY'

Promising Nollywood actor Khazim Danmola is definitely not slowing down on creating impressionable statements and is definitely giving his colleagues a run for their money.

With yet another masterpiece in view, Khazim is ready to demonstrate his outstanding artistry in new movie titled ‘PLOY’. This comes almost immediately after his just concluded mega project LOTHARIO .

When asked his reason for shooting another movie barely few months after the production of his baby ‘LOTHARIO’, he had this to say,

‘I am a passionate film maker who believes in quality content . I have lots of fantastic scripts which are long overdue for production. I’m just taking one step at a time.  I also believe that success isn’t always about greatness but consistency.  Consistency and hardwork leads to success and greatness follows suit’.

Khazim Danmola set to once again make a statement in new movie titled 'PLOY'

He also had this to say when asked what people should be expect in this new movie;

‘PLOY is a story that dwells on manipulation . It centers on how people judge the actions of others without putting into consideration the reason behind the exhibition of those crazy acts.  Its a story that points to the errors in the society which we overlook(societal imbalance).’

On a final note, Khazim Danmola was presented with the big question of  the official release date of the movie LOTHARIO. Although he gave no specific date for its release, however, he assured that it will hit the big screens in 2021.