Junk food; a brewing menace with workable remedies

Junk food; a brewing menance with workable remedies

We want to eat healthy and look good yet our cravings for junk food are undying and unquenchable.

One moment, you plan to be disciplined in your daily healthy diet, moments later your cravings get spiked up with junk food at the top of the list. You be like, I only have this one life to live, if i die, i die.

However, studies have proven that junk food contains elements that cause less productivity, fatigue, acne, especially when taken in excess due to the high calories they contain.

I know a lot of you might be expecting me to talk about how junk food are a beneficial component of a healthy life, well, you’re right, only that the consumer(s) are blameworthy of whatever menace that comes with it.

My intent isn’t to strike terror about the implications of unhealthy eating, rather, this will help you understand how you can simultaneously strike a balance between a healthy diet and junk food.

Junk food can be made healthy and vice versa

Depending on the ingredients and method of preparation, junk food can be converted to healthy meals. Replace oil frying with air frying, dark chocolates in place of the sweetened ones, fruit based ice-cream instead of the regular, gluten free flour in pastries and baked foods, pick healthy ingredients for your pizza.

To also convert healthy fruit juice to unhealthy, add sugar.

Junk food can be taken in little quantity

Be realistic, it could be impossible to cut out all the unhealthy meals at once. Reduce the junk intake gradually and eat in little quantities. You may not need to be a total vegetarian.

Chew more

The longer you chew, the faster you get filled up or maybe get tired of the meal. This will help you stay away or crave for junk food.

Work it out

There are days when you can’t help yourself from eating junk food, it doesn’t matter how disciplined you are. On days as such, make sure to detoxify with exercises or diet.

Squad up

Encouragement comes from doing things with one or more person(s). You can also drift easily when you don’t have a team to account to and everybody around you is on the junk lane. 

Pick fresh

Rather than buying the processed food, buy the fresh ones. They can be more expensive but it’s worth it.

Don’t be boring

Make healthy meals interesting. Take fruit popsicles instead of candies, fresh juice in place of soda. Make smoothies of different flavours and colours. Water bottles are handy and cute, you would drink more water. 

Only you can fix it, be discipline and don’t forget to follow up and review your progress.