Is Wole Soyinka right for obtaining a window seat not belonging to him? Yes/No

Business executive and co-founder of Sahara Group, Tonye Cole, took to Instagram to share the experience he witnessed on a plane he boarded with veteran writer and activist Wole Soyinka who was asked to vacate a seat assigned to a young man.

In his post, Tonye narrated that the writer had initially boarded and settled in taking the window seat. But drama ensued when a young man assigned to the same seat boarded and asked Wole Soyinka to excuse him from his seat.

Tonye believes that the young man acted radically for insisting on the writer to leave his seat instead of letting go and making do of the seat available to him.

This has however caused a frenzy on the web. Some people said the young man should have forfeited his seat for the writer out of respect and social norm while others disagree.

Read the story below and comments  from users: