Is Burna Boy arrogant or just confident in himself and his craft? [OPINION]

burna boy
Over the past few years, the Nigerian music industry has seen Burna Boy rise to prominence through thick and thin and now, a serial hit maker.

The year 2019 marked a huge milestone for Burna Boy and his craft after the release of his fourth studio album, ”African Giant” which earned him a Grammy nomination.

However, with the big break came different forms of criticism for his craft and personality. Criticisms rolled in from various point of views with all allegedly pointing out that he oozes of pride. The criticism was also accompanied with receipt of claims that his music is not unique, that he’s only riding on Fela’s style.

Burna Boy hit a major milestone in 2019 when he got featured as one of the performing acts at the popular annual global festival, Coachella. It was indeed a huge accomplishment for him and stans and lovers of Burna Boy’s craft.

Although the pop star acknowledged and appreciated the inclusion, however, he didn’t hold back on speaking up on his displeasure at the organizers who printed his name in small letters on the Coachella festival poster, urging them to “fix things quick please”.

He said:

I really appreciate you. But I don’t appreciate the way my name is written so small on your bill.

I am an African giant and will not be reduced to whatever that tiny writing means.

This statement of his initiated the perception about him being a proud person.

Another significant moment where he has been tagged as a proud person was during one of his performances. While performing, he asked his band to stop playing and directly addressed two members of his audience who he thinks were not matching his energy and expectations.

Burna Boy

He angrily asked one of those fans to go home and offered to refund their ticket.

However, he couldn’t bear the sight of seeing a fan walk out of his show. Moments later, he invited the guy to the stage and they both danced together.

See videos below:

Less than a month into the year 2020, the self-acclaimed ”African Giant” declares himself as the best in the music industry since the departure of Fela.

He spilled these via a tweet he made on his official Twitter handle.

The statement, however, got on the nerves of so many who didn’t waste no time in tagging him as proud and arrogant. The judgmental response was obviously not far fetched from previous events.

He further claimed via another tweet that he has stopped worrying about being best since his colleague, Timaya, shared some private words of advice with him.

However, after evaluating various occurrences Burna Boy where he was tagged ‘proud and arrogant’, this writer feels the music star is clearly being misunderstood.

Clear your heart of any hate you harbor against him first, think critically without sentiments, you’d be more open to see the difference between being confident and being proud.

There’s a level of confidence expected of every human, particularly musicians of his caliber. Artists who through so many hurdles remained resilient, from the bottom of the pyramid up to the top. Those hard times he endured is responsible for the confidence is what Burna  Boy exudes every time he speaks and acts.

In a country like Nigeria, there’s this stereotyped perception about successful people who often boast about their achievement(s). They are often perceived as proud and arrogant. So, it doesn’t come to me as a surprise when people think of him that way. Afterall, it’s a Nigerian ‘thingy’. which the afro-pop star isn’t ready to bow to and that’s what confidence means.

Conclusively, one thing to note is that there is no rule or limit to how anyone should boast of their confidence. Our African Giant can boast all he likes, he deserves it and more.