“I won’t mind ₦15 billion” – says Governor Ganduje of Kano State

Kano State

Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje said he won’t mind a ₦15 billion raise from President Buhari to fight Coronavirus.

Kano State

Governor Ganduje says the money is to help curb the spread of Coronavirus in the Northern part of Nigeria.

According to NCDC, Kano records 73 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state.

Recall Gistcandy reported that President Buhari approves the release of ₦10 billion to Lagos and ₦5 billion to NCDC.

According to an interview with Channels TV, Ganduje said Kano could use that kind of money right now.

He said:

“You can understand that Kano is the most populated state in the country hence the only testing center at AKTH is not enough for us,”

The ₦15 billion will be used to do the following according to Governor Ganduje:

  • Pay voluntary healthcare workers engaged by the state.
  • To support full-time health personnel, procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • To open up testing and isolation centers.
Stories of mass deaths

So there have been reports about the mass death due to COVID-19 in Kano putting the toll at over 150.

However, Ganduje said the reports are inaccurate. He said an investigation was conducted by his government at some of the cemeteries. Their report reveals 13 people died from other ailments and not due to coronavirus.

Kano State

Ganduje said:

“That information is not correct because we undertook some survey and investigation (about the initial report of 70 deaths). We found out that it was only 13 deaths in that place and we will soon get a complete report but I assure you that information is not correct,”

 “looking at previous reviews, there is nothing to show that there is unusual frequency of deaths.

“You know that there is a lot of fake news going around and we have already started arresting all those who are peddling such rumours.

“The death recorded from coronavirus is only one and the NCDC is aware of that.”

 An Infected lab closed

The newly established testing center in Kano has been closed after some of the lab workers got infected.

The governor said:

“The laboratory has been closed down for today and we understand that there is an infection within the laboratory. Probably some of the technicians have tested positive but I think the federal government is handling the matter,”

“Also, there is the issue of scarcity of reagents and scarcity of the bottles that convey the samples. That too has been discussed with the DG who has assured us that they are taking action,” he added.

Kano State

 Gov. Ganduje on April 14 extended the lockdown of his state to curtail the spread of the virus

“The lockdown was initially for one week, which is expiring tomorrow but we’ve declared that (from 6:00 am) tomorrow (to 12 midnight) will be a free day so that people will make preparations for the fasting period. By midnight, the lockdown will continue for another seven days,” the governor disclosed.

In the midst of all these, Kano is trending on Twitter with the hashtag #NCDCFailedKano.

Some tweets seem to be in favor of the hashtag; while others see it as a means for Kano state not to solve their problem.

See tweets below: