Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo arrested over her nude photo with her seven-year-old son

Akuapem Poloo

Ghanaian actress, Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, is under arrest for posting a nude picture of herself with her son.

She is seen squatting and holding hands with her half-naked son. She said that her son did not see any of her organs as she used sellotape and her hair to cover the necessary parts. Adding to her story, she said that she only went naked because of the pain during childbirth.

Akuapem Poloo

The post was put up to celebrate her son’s seven-year-old birthday on June 30, 2020. However, what seems to have been a good intention from her end, turns into an “insensitive” post and abuse of the boy’s right.

Child Rights International (CRI) seeing this, got a petition to the Ghanaian Police Criminal Investigations Department to look at the matter.

According to the CRI, the post is seen as a breach of the Welfare Principle of the Children’s Act. A report from Ghanaian media says that operatives of the CID have taken her away. She is however sent to the headquarters of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit around the Ministries in Accra.

Akuapem Poloo

Akuapem Poloo was still arrested despite an apology video which she made viral via her Instagram account. Her caption reads I AM SORRY. PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY”.

She had this to say in the video:

“I have not been myself, and the sadness is really eating me up; after I posted a naked picture in front of my son talking to him on his birthday. All that I want to say is please forgive me, it will never happen again; even though I didn’t post it for any bad intention. It was out of pains that I went through when I gave birth to my son”.

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“I realized that the post was not good, so I took it off. Looking at the insults and the captions I am seeing on my page, I have regretted posting it. I just want to say a big sorry to whoever I hit by posting that picture and I want to say, it’s not for bad intention, if not for my sake, but for the sake of my son”

She calls her son who says:

“Ghanaians, please forgive my mummy, she’s a good person”

She continues:

“Please I beg you, my son, I love him so much! He said forgive me, please, I beg you, forgive me, it will never happen again, it will never happen again, thank you.

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