Funaab Health Centre – An Experience To Behold (Part 1)

Funaab health centre, I honestly don’t know where to start from. It’s bungalow structure is surrounded with well trimmed green leafy grasses, practically the simplest health center structure I’ve come across. With just one faulty but partially functioning ambulance(according to a friend that works with Red Cross), the building harbors well trained doctors relatively to the content in the school ‘s bulletin shared during my matriculation. You’ll figure either to rate funaab’s health center either good or bad based on the experiences I’m about to share(just a hint, I’m certain you’d pick the latterπŸ˜‚).

On this very fateful day, one of the very few days in my third year where I had lectures till 6pm, I alighted from a cab at Isolu where I found my Red Cross neighbor/friend restlessly looking bothered. I could sense all form of urgency literally written on his forehead, I walked up to him in a bid to ask him what was the cause of this bothered look heavily signalled on his face. In response, he claimed to have been waiting for over 20minutes for the school ‘s ambulance that someone in my hostel was in dire need of. I couldn’t help but question him about the identity of the person, I figured out it happened to be one of my closest female friends in my hostel. In haste, I rushed down to my hostel to see how bad it could have been for an ambulance to have been requested. Upon getting to my hostel, I discovered she had difficulty moving and her body temperature could cook beans in less than 45 minutes.

Barely 10 minutes when I got to her room to check on her, the school’s ambulance arrived. In total, it took the ambulance over 25 minutes to arrive at a pickup point where I’ll have used my legs to cover the distance to and fro if I jogged. If I were to be vexing while jogging, I’ll cover the distance in 15 minutes, nonsense!

I had not pulled off so I had no other choice but to follow her down to the HELLth centre (HELLth was intentional). Upon arrival, I won’t even talk about how my Red Cross friend and I helped her out of the ambulance without any interference from the nurses. I even thought since she came in an ambulance, she’ll be taking to the emergency room for her to be attended to, but just like any regular patient she waited for her turn. Almost 30 minutes gone, it wasn’t yet her turn and we kept on waiting patiently for her turn. Just one patient to be attended to after dropping from the ambulance over 50 minutes ago, the doctor on shift decided to take a recess while patients were impatiently waiting. My dear readers, I was in shock, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

To cut the story short, he took a 10 minutes recess and resumed back to…

Stay posted for the next part, I don’t want to bore you that’s why I sectionalized it. Thanks for reading!