Final Year Project Extortion

On one particular fateful day which I can’t remember (I’m not sorry I’m not so good with dates), I was at my college when I jammed an old friend. We exchanged pleasantries and got caught in the ‘how have you been and what have you been up to’ discussion. One topic led to the birth of another which eventually led to the exact reason for putting up this article. He asked about how I planned to carry out my project, I gave him a tip of the ice block (I know it’s iceberg, some of you can’t recognize the simplest form of sarcasm, smh) of my plans for my final year project. In turn, he shared his with a very captivating story to buttress his plans. To be very honest with you, I can’t remember his plans because I chaneled all my amebo spirit to the captivating part.
He, my friend, claimed to have eavesdropped into a conversation on how a particular department (name withheld, this isn’t the way I plan on graduating) wants to use the financial strength of their rich final year students to fund their project (I mean their personal problem, I’m angry right now). The person (probably the department’s head) requested one young man (probably the department’s President) to provide her with five financially buoyant students to fund this project and carry it out as their final year project. Extortion in another dimension, what won’t we see in this Nigeria!!!

In case, you’re one of or you know the Gucci shirt, Prada trouser, Nike shoes type of guy/girl, Mr/Mrs expensive of your department, well I won’t tell you to stop, however, be ready to sponsor someone else’s charity business.