Facebook user claims that a man that beats his wife is trying to correct her

Domestic violence, for a while has been an issue of concern in many homes these days and has been heavily condemned by so many. However, a facebook user with the name Wayne Michaels, has made a claim that if a man hits a woman, he is only trying to correct her.

Wayne took to his facebook to advice women on how to live with a man that hits them and in his claims, he warned women to  desist from doing the same thing that angered her man in the first place. He added that if a man is the first to hit his woman, she should not try to hit him back as it would lead to more blows and be termed as ‘wife beating’.

He has since deleted the post following the backlash he got via the comments from other users who condemned him for openly justifying domestic violence.

However, reports from Legit has it that Wayne has reached out to further explain his post. In his message,he gave reasons why women suffer domestic violence and how they can avoid it. He explained that women using extremely harsh words can lead to them being battered.

“Rotten, non-stop extremely abusive and battering words even after several warnings at a time are usually the footstool for Domestic Violence… Because you shouldn’t say all these to a man and perhaps screaming in addition and yet still expect Uniform self-restraints. This post does in no way support or approve domestic violence… I do not blame you completely for your misconception, bloggers would always “carefully choose” the best caption that hits a target audience and engage traffic but it would be more than just healthy if you read with insight and sincerity to yourself. When it comes to domestic violence which is common in Africa, careful scrutiny shows that women are often “bottom feeders” Most victims of domestic violence talk too much and most men who beat their wives are hot tempered. While hot-temperedness is a state of mind and part of the subconscious, it is more of a “Behavioral characteristic” and would take constant and regular efforts to control and tame, (a hot-tempered man would need all the help he can get while he works on his temperament) extreme provocation from women can be easily #controlled or kept at minimum by women who desire to because it is a Physical Act that can be controlled…. Reason why my emphasis was laid on “the women” working on reducing or avoiding extreme provocation which is often the root cause of domestic violence…. The post carefully avoided talking to men as there was supposed to be another post for men as per damage control (Self-control)! The easiest and most efficient way to handle a problem is handling the causative agent(s) or causative factor first! The post in effect, attacked the root cause of domestic violence which is “extreme provocation” If the root Cause of domestic violence (talking too much and extreme provocation) can be eliminated or kept at bay, would there really still be need for Damage control (self-control)??? In all truthfulness, you have your answer.. For the records, i never supported wife-beating, no never did! In summary, my post was about the basic root cause(s) of domestic violence. How to manage it: In any case it has started already and for those who are suffering it in their homes already and how to avoid it: If after these explanations from my direct person, anyone still desires to entertain a warped or misrepresented view of my post, I really do not have more to say… But please ensure to have “comprehensively” read through the first and second posts.”