EX-BBA star, Tayo Faniran faces brutality in the hands of South African police

Hours after former BBA star, Tayo Faniran shared an Instagram live video of South African policemen strangling and assaulting him before whisking him off to the station following his refusal to ride in the police car as a result of denying them access to search his phone, shared a video after his release.

According to him, the police arrested him in double handcuff and took him to the station where he was beaten up also noting that this was a usual routine for officers to harass Nigerians based in South Africa. Thanking everyone who stood up for him while in custody maintained that Africa is still enslaved as what he went through is an issue that affects every African. The reality star based in SA went on to advise every African to learn from his experience and do something about it before it becomes too much.

Watch the video below:


Tayo Faniran was on Thursday, 25th July 2019, brutally attacked by some police officers after pulling him over to search his phone.  Refusing the search by the officers resulted in an altercation which called for a backup to arrest him. Tayo resisted the officers attempt to arrest him as he expressed concern that the police van was unmarked and that he would follow them to the station only if they ride with him in his own car. Posting live on his Instagram page, Tayo said the attack on him stemmed from xenophobia and he called for justice.