Enslaved (series) by Shelah – Part One

I was in the darkroom, naked on the bed as my last client left. I lay in darkness, completely naked. I am a pleasure giver and my boyfriend made me do this every day. But on my own free will. I wasn’t forced, I love what I do.
There was a knock on the door.
“You good?” Kay yelled from outside.
“Yeah!” I replied.
I felt good, I felt great, I felt fucking ecstatic.
“Wanna get dinner or something?”
“Sure, give me a few minutes.” I said. I got up to take my bathe.
Telling you the story is a little complicated, it’s surreal and you might probably think it never happens. Disclaimer: it does happen.
I’m Tamie, 20 years old, brown-skinned. I’m a sex slave. Kay is my boyfriend and he isn’t into sex but he loves watching. He’s the one who brings me clients.
I wore a turtle necked long sleeve top and a jean trouser. I still had choke marks on my neck. That was Joel’s work.
Joel is a client. The first time I met him was in my room.
Kay told me there was a client coming, so I sat on the bed, waiting for him. He walked in.
“Hi, I’m Joel.” He said, his voice low, gruff and sexy.
“Joel.” I repeated his name.
Kay informed me that my new client was extremely into kinky sex so I already had my toys down.
Joel walked towards me, to my face in his palm and caressed it.
“Take off your dress.” He commanded.
Immediately I switched into the role of a submissive. My stomach fluttered as I began to take off my dress, slowly and nervously. I stood completely naked in front of him, I wasn’t wearing anything under the dress. He smiled slightly as he gazed upon my nakedness, his gaze felt hot on my body and I felt a certain wetness between my legs. He stood close to me and tugged my already erect nipples. I winced a little. I gasped as his hand reached down my stomach and between my legs to feel my wetness. He slid a finger in and I bit my lips.
“Wet already.” He said, chuckling.
He began to unbutton his shirt slowly not taking his gaze off me. I bit my lips as I stare at his body. His skin was glistering with sweat, his chest broad and muscles in the right places.
“Kneel on the bed.” He said, I obliged. I climbed on the bed and fell to my knees. He picked the hand cuffs and pulled my hands behind me. He cuffed them. His fingers wandered across every curve, exploring every inch of my body. It was new because my other clients were never this detailed. He unzipped his fly and his dick sprang out, the tip glistening with precum.
“Mouth opened.” He said. I opened up.
I stretched my mouth opened. He gripped my chin and pushed his 7 inches into my mouth, he held the back of my neck and pushed further in till I felt it in my throat. I gagged. He brought it out and pushed it back in forcefully. I choked.
“Now baby, don’t choke.” He said teasing me. I didn’t understand how a man could be so soft and passionate yet so rough.
He took out his dick from my mouth and I coughed.
“Bend.” He said.
If was quite uncomfortable seeing that my hands were restrained behind me.
I bent my head forward, resting my weight on my head so I could bring my knees under me. I bent forward, my ass arched in the air and my hands behind me.
“Good girl.” He said.
With my pussy exposed he bent behind me, and flicked his tongue on my pussy. I bucked involuntarily because of the unexpected sensation I felt.
“You can’t move, don’t move.” He growled. I whimpered.
He gripped my butt and spread my labia, teasing it with his tongue. I whimpered and tried to keep still. I buried my head in the sheet.
He stood up, I was waiting for the lash of a whip across my ass. But I heard buzzing sound. It was the sound of my Hitachi vibrator. He pressed the head right up against my clit, sending shock through my entire body. He pulses it against me, giving me just enough room to let me grind down on it. I moaned loudly. I start shaking, my orgasm drawing near. Then he stopped.
“Please.” I said.
He smiled at me.
“Don’t talk or move.” He said gently.
“Please.” I said defying all odds.
Suddenly he took the whip and lashed across my ass.
“Don’t speak.” He growled. I became silent. Amazed on how he could be gently one moment and brutal the next.
“Don’t defy me.” He said.
I nodded, my ass smarting yet I was turned on.
He gripped my waist and inserted his dick into me, going slowly at first. Then suddenly he slammed into me. I moaned hard. My arms were already limp from being tied up. Joel continued to slam into me, he bent forward and held my neck, choking me and biting my neck. I pushed my hips back as I grinded him, my body building. He moaned as he thrusted deeper and deeper. My body convulsed hard as I came. Joel gripped my hips as he came inside me. I collapsed on my tummy.
Joel smiled and released my restraint. He dressed up and made to leave. He stood the entrance, he gazed at me and walked out.

“Earth to Tamie.” Kay said as we walked into the diner.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked.
“Nothing.” I said smiling. Kay had a policy of ‘one-time meet’ with my clients. They fucked once and left. He didn’t want me to be acquainted with any of them. We took a seat and picked the menu book on the table. (To Be Continued…..)


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