Could Lizzy Anjorin’s claim about Toyin Abraham’s traditional birth process be true?

The month of September, 2019 was a hot and drama filled one as the internet was on fire over the feud between two Yoruba Nollywood giants, Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin.

The duo were involved in a serious and heated exchange of words via their various social media channels, not left out are the legal notes they served to one another like a plate of Jollof rice. It was during the course of the tussle Toyin Abraham reportedly gave birth to her first child, Ire. The birth of the child, however, brought about a revelation of what seemed to be hidden from the mouth of Lizzy Anjorin. She subtly alleged that Toyin gave birth to her child in a traditional home as opposed to what she made the public believe that she gave birth to her child the conventional way at a reputable hospital.

See video below:


Debunking the claim, Toyin with the help of her publicist released a video showing her after she welcomed her son in a hospital in Lekki, Lagos. However, Lizzy countered her with a video she shared on her Instagram page claiming that the video was doctored just to prove a point by Toyin.


Fast forward to this month, Toyin Abraham began a sensitisation on her Instagram page about a project she has had on-going for sometimes which she did the unveiling via her personal page on Instagram on Wednesday, 16th of October, 2019.

Alas! the long anticipated project happens to be a herbal company that deals in increasing female fertility and helps in child bearing.


A herbal company? At a time like this? It poses different assumption to the mind and different people have reacted in various manners but worthy of note are the set of people who believed that Toyin used Lizzy’s claim as a business idea and we have the others who believed Toyin’s move was a confirmation to Lizzy’s claim that she had her baby the traditional way.

Nevertheless, it seems like it is a smart move from Toyin Abraham if she actually got the business idea from Lizzy’s claims, which makes her similar to Zlatan Ibile who takes the opportunity of everything thrown at him to make a hit. And if she had her baby the traditional way and this move of hers was just a confirmation, it still balls down to favour her because a rift is a rift until someone decides to turn the narrative around in their favour.