CORONAVIRUS: Lagos government considers reopening its economy fully

The Lagos State government is considering the complete reopening of its economy which has been on lockdown partially since covid-19 outbreak.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos state governor revealed in a statement on Sunday, May 17, that the government is thinking of reopening the critical sectors of its economy, even though they won’t make such a big move speedily.

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He made it clear to business owners to start adjusting to the realities of covid-19. He stated that in these coming days, the government would be rolling out a register-to-open initiative as one of the means of assessing the readiness level of the workers in the identified sectors for supervised operations.

The governor advised businesses to comply and work with the social distancing policy as regards their workspaces.

He also said the state government was still in the process of reviewing and considering how the phase unlocking will be, urging the residents of Lagos State to always wear face masks when going about with their day to day activities.

He noted that, failure to obey other public health guidelines have health risks.

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