“Coronavirus is not a scam” – Federal Government warns (OPINION)

Federal Government

The Federal Government has warned Nigerians to take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously saying it is not a scam.

Few Nigerians are of the opinion that the pandemic is a scam and a chance for certain people to milk the country as per business as usual.

Mr. Boss Mustapha, who is the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) gave this warning. Mr. Mustapha is also the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19.

He is appealing to all Nigerians to take the pandemic seriously. All precautionary measures announced by the Ministry of Health and the NCDC is to fight and contain the virus.

Mustapha, speaking at the daily briefing of the task-force said:

“The Coronavirus is not a joke. Please, take it very seriously and listen to the government. Please stay safe and protect your loved ones, nothing is more important. 

Listening to this, I think we’ve gone past the stage, however ignorant a person is, wherever you live in Nigeria, for you to begin to assume that this is a scam; a hoax or a joke and I think those of you in the media have the responsibility for driving this point.

This is not a joking matter; we’ve gotten to the stage where we are beginning to see some of the things that are happening in other climes.  So, we ought to take it with every element of seriousness and for those that think it’s a hoax or a scam, I wish them well.

But for those of us who believe that we ought to do everything humanly possible to contain this spread or limit the infection or mortality, we will continue to work day and night and that is why I solicit your support and cooperation in this particular endeavor.”

However, some Nigerians, who are of the opinion that this pandemic is leveraged for personal gains, seem to have a point.

At the end, majority of the funds, if not used will go to their pockets. Right now the people who have the power now are the people giving the numbers (NCDC).

We don’t have any idea of the number of infected people. It could be more just like how Toke Makinwa said our data-based collection is faulty.

Let’s go back to the Nigerians who think it’s a scam. Please it is not, it is as real as it gets.

People were seen in Abuja driving and causing traffic jams along Cite road bridge junction. Others in Lagos came out to exercise in a massive number along Ikorodu road.

Some people still came out again along Gbagada to exercise. This time around, they faced soldiers who took matters into their hands.

At this rate, we will be spreading this virus if care is not taken. A lot are in their house observing the lockdown. They are all tired like you but at the same time health is wealth and they understand.

Let’s all stay safe and hope this crisis will pass soon so we can all resume our lives.

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