Chris Brown advises his ex Karrueche to upgrade her current boyfriend

Chris Brown has taken to Instagram to drop several unsolicited comments on former NFL player, Victor Cruz’s page who is now dating his ex, Karrueche Tran.

Apparently, Cruz posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend, Karrueche on his Instagram page. Chris Brown who seems to be in his feelings made time to fire shots at Cruz.

After Cruz posted a photo of himself and Karrueche, Brown commented the following:

“Nothing bad or major. UPGRADE HIM SIS. I’ll take him around to style him. NOT HATE. He just need some game spirit.

“Peace love and joy. JUST PLEASE UPGRADE YA MAN BOO.”

He went on to clown Cruz for the way he dresses- “He look like he shopping of the manikin[sic] and trying to bargain wit the sales manager. Retired wrestler pants. I’M F***ING AROUND… good bless.” He said.

Breezy added- “No shade…just minor.”

He later deleted the comments, but still went on Insta Stories to write: “Is it a sucka move to think about your ex?” and then deleted that one too. It seems Chris Brown hasn’t gotten over his ex .