Bread and beans chronicles – Introduction

As much as I love bread and beans, I still feel it is very underrated. Particularly when you top it up with a bottle of Pepsi, it makes people feel like you’re a bricklayer. I mean why do people not see the good side of this appetizing meal, the part where after consumption you’re extremely filled up and your belly cannot accommodate even the slightest drop of water or the part where you’re rendered useless after consumption and the only thing you could just think of at that moment is sleep, sleep and sleep only😂

In this article, I won’t start off with my personal experience, I’ll kick start this series with other people’s experiences far back as secondary school.

So, eerrrmm, there’s this woman very close to my secondary school in Ebute-Metta, she sells only bread and beans with varieties of soft drinks to pick from. She’s popularly called ‘Iya Fathai’, meanwhile Fathai, her son happened to be a student of my school so it was very easy to convince people to patronize his mum’s food since we were school mate though we weren’t class mates as he was like two or three classes ahead of me as at that time.

Iya Fathai’s bread and beans is just so amazing I lose my home training when describing how swanky it is. That ‘ewa-agoyin’ feel of the beans gives me foodgasm (food orgasm) not to talk of the softness of the bread, unmatched! You can compress a #100 into looking like #20 own. Food apart, her hospitality was top notch and she was very accommodating.

My classmates and I got addicted to this woman’s food it became an after school routine to eat our daily ewa agoyin and bread before going back to school for our after-school lessons. We were even tagged the regular customers due to our consistent patronage. Another gratuity we received as a result of addicted and consistent patronage was free pure water for all students strictly from my school.

The ‘Iya-Fathai bread and beans virus’ spread all around school, the food joint every afternoon looked like my school’s canteen because it’s just my school’s uniform that’s always visible. Even the women beside her shop always keep tabs on us, they be like ‘Awon Omo Longford ti de'(Longford students have arrived) that alone is an evidence of our consistency.

Despite the sleepiness that comes with feeding on her bread and beans, that didn’t even stop us from going there. During after school lessons, if a teacher asks five students to stand up for sleeping or dozing during class, I’m 90% certain three out five must have fed on Iya Fathai’s bread and beans😂

Thanks for reading, this is just the introductory part though. I’ll be uploading each episode weekly so please stay posted for more.