#BBNaija: Online vendor roasts Cindy for double-crossing their bargain

Ex-BBNaija Star, Cindy Okafor is currently being trolled on social media and yes, I mean she has been accused of allegedly not fulfilling her own side of an agreement after being given a free dress by an online vendor.

The accusation comes from when  Cindy took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself in an embellished fringe dress. @benunique_b who claims to have sent the dress to Cindy shared chats between both parties on Instagram reaching an agreement based on the free item sent.  The Instagram vendor said she expected Cindy to have given credit for the dress by tagging her handle in a photo she shared on Instagram. She also claimed that after she called Cindy to point out the ‘mistake’, she hissed and hung up the phone.

In regards to this, the vendor took to her page to post the same photo, requesting that the reality star take it down since she disregarded to fulfill her side of the bargain.

However, the reality star is yet to respond to the allegations and has carried on with her social media activities without a care as to what many people may think of the situation.