Basket Mouth clears the air over controversial rape joke

Basket mouth has released a statement with respect to his removal as an ambassador for EU in Nigeria’s campaign against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

He was one of the Nigerian celebrities who were chosen to be advocates for the EU’s cause on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

However, the news of Basket Mouth being one of the ambassadors didn’t augur well with Twitter users and caused an outrage. Twitter users brought up a 2014 joke he made about rape and said he was not fit to represent women and the issues they face.

Hence, he was removed following the outrage on social media.

Reacting to his removal, Basket Mouth released a statement of apology on Instagram with a photo collage of a number of women including his daughter, his wife, Busola Dakolo, and more.

He wrote:

Almost every morning in the blogs, on the news, there’s a picture of a man sitting on the floor pleading, the caption is usually in the line of ‘its the devil’s handwork’ and the topic is from underage defilement, rape or brutality against a woman or minor. I live in this same world with my most prized possessions my wife, my two daughters, my sisters and women who have built me into the man I am.

I was recently presented an opportunity to create awareness on the efforts of the EU to bring support to fighting this scourge, it was a no-brainer for me. I refused any compensation for it and volunteered to lend my voice because…. it’s our fight, it’s not for the EU…its for my girls’ future.

Unfortunately, a few years ago I shared up a Facebook post that I thought was shedding light through humor to the entitled crude and very present behavioral patterns of some African men who equate spending to sexual favors, but I also realized then that women actually have to face this daily and its harrowing and I deeply apologized for it

I sincerely pray that this does not take away from the most important fight of our lives….the fight to secure our future…because the girl child is our future. I strongly appreciate the EU for this amazing platform to improve our lot, as long as the message reaches the ears of those who need it, then it’s a win. To every woman – our mothers, sisters, lovers, wives, crowns, supporters, prayer partners, foundation, life…. thank you for being who you are. So many times you sacrifice who you are for a man to become who he wants to be. It’s time we all love and also support you like you do us….cos in your light, we all shine