Actress Nneoma Okoro shares experience with Ramsey Nouah while attempting to seduce him on set

Nollywood actress Nneoma Okoro shares her experience with one of Nigeria’s renowned Nollywood, actor Ramsey Nouah.

In the movie ‘Levi’ shot in 2017 in Enugu, Nneoma was supposed to be the A-lister actor’s nurse, a night nurse with a script to seduce him. The actress was made to play a romantic scene with her self acclaimed idol, Ramsey Nouah, shared that it was indeed an awkward moment for her as she ended up being nervous.

She revealed that the actor noticed that she wasn’t confident enough, so he asked the director for twenty minutes’ recess. Ramsey Nouah then called her outside and showed her a funny clip on YouTube on his phone to help calm her nerves, while they both laughed together.

Nneoma asserted that the actor knew it was their first work together and that she respects artists that understand their craft. “I watched him as a kid and always wanted to work with him,” said Nneoma.

Multiple sources further revealed that the actress shared this encounter with the actor via her Whatsapp story.

In her words;

“I remember having scenes where I seduced him. Tension nearly killed me but thanks to him. He noticed and asked the director for a 20 minutes recess on my behalf. He called me outside and took out his phone and showed me a super hilarious video on YouTube which we saw together and laughed over. Ramsey knew I hadn’t worked with him before, so, it was natural to have tensions and he made it way easier for me. I respect artists that understand their craft well enough, their fame will always go far. Prior to then, I had always wanted to work with Ramsey Nouah, having watched him as a kid while growing up. It was a dream come true.”