3 Accessories That Are Very Important In Your Fashion Lifestyle by Style Chief

Its one thing to combine clothes and its another to merge accesories. Most captivating looks are most times a reality because of the detailed accessory added to the whole outfit which the regular every day worker does not take note of.
There are quite a few which are being featuted in a random day to day look regularly but I’m going to be talking about 3 accessories I feel over the years have added that detailed feel which can transform any boring look to the self acclaimed papparazi look “lights and camera kinda ish” LOL.


This millenial greatness has become a neccesity generations have imbibed, dating far back as the late 1800s which was first created by patek phillipe, this time telling masterpiece has evolved from just telling time to becoming a decorative addition guaranteed to up your style. Ranging from casio to swatch, there is an unending list of wrist watches you can choose from, Investing in one today would be rewarding in the long run.


Its not just a protector from the sun rays, its also protects from winds, debris and other kinds of dusts, it brings the ‘cool’ to your look especiallly in harsh conditons. Some reputable brands include; RayBan, Bape, versace etc.


Leather, Suede, Latex… This style must-have comes in various shapes, colours, materials and so on. its essence in your detailed style look is unarguably of importance. It has the perfect match for styles such as classy, street, traditonal and basically any kind of look, this leather genius has got you covered. Opt for one of this masterpiece and get the accolades you deserve.

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